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In this day and age technology and innovations have changed the way we do everything. From the way we have our morning coffee, to the way we travel. Business is one area that is surely not immune to sudden shifts in technological trends. Take social media marketing for example. The moment we thought we had it all figured out and got a bit comfortable, influencer marketing burst onto the scene.

Wait, What’s That?

Influencer marketing? It’s a form of marketing that makes handling out leaflets, plastering billboards, and setting up pay-per-click campaigns seem old school. Influencer marketing is where the emphasis is placed on influential people instead of an array of stats and demographics. Influencers play the role of your brands personal cheerleader online.

Take the example of a movie trailer. You may find the trailer to be interesting and perhaps even a bit persuasive. However, what would be more persuasive than that trailer is if a friend told you that they’ve seen the movie, loved it, and recommend that you see the movie yourself. Get the idea? In short, influencer marketing is the digital equivalent of ‘word of mouth’ and is the reason behind the success many savvy businesses that learn how to implement it correctly.

And Here Are 7 Reasons Why You Need to Adopt It!

1.  Highly Cost-Effective

Content created through this type of marketing is usually very engaging and attractive, it can catch and retain consumers attention. Thus, making it more valuable in the long run.

2.  You Connect the Consumer with The Brand

It allows consumers to create their image or voice for the brand. It exponentially increases the consumer’s interaction with the brand and its products by drawing them in entirely. Also, at some points, consumers even look to influencers to gain perspective and form opinions.

3.  Traditional Digitized Advertisement Is Now Ineffectual

With the advent of the pop-up blockers, traditional pop-up ads are now going out of business. Influencer marketing has the upper hand as it is not an advertisement but a recommendation by people who are experts in the relevant area.

4.  Way to Build Consumers’ Trust

If a product is endorsed, ratified by a person who is an authority in the relevant field, consumers are more likely to be attracted to that product and be more inclined toward purchasing it.

5.  Attracts Specific Audience

They can tap into a larger but more specific audience. Influencers are not exclusive to one area or field, they are spread throughout the world, and can tap into all kinds od various interest.

6.  Easy to Share

Social networks take the old “word-of-mouth” concept to an entirely new level. For instance, people would prefer buying a piece of makeup watching makeup tutorials than buy that makeup looking at roll-on ads.

7.  Multi-Purpose Method

Content created can always be reused. For paid media, social content, etc. as influencer marketing is not just about posting to large audiences.


When it comes to marketing especially, the world has no time and space for the old, traditional methods. It’s time for adopting a more modern way of marketing. It’s the era of the influencer marketing.

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Create engaging stories with talented social media influencers and creators. Choose from over 70K influencers with a total global reach of over 750 million.

Create engaging stories with talented social media influencers and creators. Choose from over 70K influencers with a total global reach of over 750 million.


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Copyright 2020. Glambassador. All rights reserved.