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Glambassador empowers brands with the digital equivalent of Word-of-mouth marketing by providing the tools to connect and collaborate with trusted social media influencers. Our influencers work with you to create stories that attract the attention their already engaged followers. Sign up now to join 3124 brands increasing their ROI with influencer marketing!

How It Works

Start Your Campaign

All you have to do is post the description of the product you wish to promote, the influencer qualifications you're looking for, and your budget for the collaboration.

Receive Proposals

Once your campaign is posted, influencers begin bidding on your campaign to become your brand's Glambassador.


You select the best Glambassador out of the proposals, work out the fine details, and your campaign is underway! Our platform ensures both brands and influencers are protected. Funds are held in secure escrow until the terms of the campaign have been completed. Note: 1. Campaign budget is transferred after you choose your influencer. 2. Campaign budget is fully refundable if the campaign is canceled with work uncompleted.

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Glambassador is a self-serve agency, get your first campaign running in 2 minutes or less. Post your first campaign free!

Easy Campaigns

Post campaigns to tell influencers what you'd like promoted, required followers, budget, and networks.

Shared Workspace

Select the best proposal and use Glambassador platform to chat and share files

Secure Payments

Transfer funds to our escrow to let the Glambassador know you're ready to work.

Search Influencers

We provide all the essential stats you need to select the right influencer for your campaign

Product Exchanges

Product exchange campaigns allow you to trade your product in exchange for reviews/promotion

Additional Services

We provide additional promotional services such as newsletter promotion, in-site advertisements and 24/7 Support

Learn how it all works
Brands are increasingly looking to make a mark all over the social sphere. For both marketers and influencers, it’s important to understand the full scope of the social influencer landscape.


Identify trusted influencers who resonate with your target demographic


Easy to use platform for you to collaborate with your Glambassador


Place your products in front of the eyes of your influencer's followers.


Our influencers have a reach of over 100 million. Get started today!

Create Engaging Stories For Any Product, Anywhere.

Our Glambassadors are located worldwide and their interests range from fashion & beauty to tech, food, and video games. Your campaign possibilities are virtually endless!

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