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Easily determine which influencers have the right metrics for you. All the social media stats + content in one place.

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Save time by having our influencers come to you. Allow influencers that match your needs to become your brand ambassador.

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Start your own campaign or have us manage the entire process for you. We’ll find and select the best-suited influencers and create an effective campaign strategy suited for your business goals.
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Collaborate with the next generation of creators & influencers using our platform.

We also provide expert one-on-one campaign management options.
Identify trusted influencers who resonate with your brand and demographic
Collaborate on content creation with an influencer. Attract their audience towards your business
Create a buzz around your product. Get people talking. Go viral.
Quickly build brand recognition and sales to supercharge your growth

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Glambassador empowers brands with the digital equivalent of Word-of-mouth marketing by providing the tools to connect and collaborate with trusted social media influencers and creators. Our influencers work with you to create digital stories that attract the attention their engaged followers. Sign up now to join over 20,000+ brands and 70,000+ influencers.

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Post a description of the product/service, the influencer qualifications, and your budget for the collaboration.

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Once your campaign is posted, influencers begin bidding to become your brand ambassador.


You select the best Glambassador out of the proposals, work out the logistics, and your campaign is underway!


Our platform ensures both brands and influencers are protected. Funds are held in secure escrow until the terms of the campaign have been completed.

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Brands are increasingly looking to make a mark all over the social sphere. For new marketers, it’s important to understand the full scope of the social influencer landscape. Our experts can help guide the influencer collaboration process A to Z.


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What our users have to say?

Talented and professional.

Our influencer created some beautiful images for us. She is highly recommended, and we will definitely be working with her again.

Brain B, 3rdVerse

Great to work with.

We increased our followers and saw a huge increase in website visitors. Thank You!

ABI Interiors

Getting better all the time.

Pleasure to work with. Great post, great engagement. Highly recommend and would love to work again.

Ann M, Gachruda

Fresh new place to be!

This was my first time using Glambassador and I will definitely use it again. It was an overall positive experience.

AM Kidz Korner


Business Pricing
Packages & Offers

Cash Campaign
Exchange cash + product/service for influencer collaboration.
  • $100 Minimum budget
  • Select Unlimited Influencers
  • No Upfront Fee
  • Listed for 30 Days
VIP Campaign
Little time or new to influencer marketing? We manage the campaign for you.
  • No Minimum Budget
  • We Manage Campaign
  • We Create Strategy
  • We Negotiate Prices
  • Select Unlimited Influencers
  • Find Most Relevant Influencers
  • More Options Available
Product Exchange
Exchange products/service for influencer collaboration.
  • Select Unlimited Influencers
  • No Additional Fees
  • Great for Micro-Influencers
  • Listed for 30 Days

Engage Anyone

Our Glambassadors are located in 195 countries and their audience interests range from fashion to family. Tech to food, Video games to outdoors. and everything in between. Your campaign possibilities are virtually endless!

Safe & easy to use platform

We make it great for you

User Protection

Transfer funds to our escrow. Pay only when work is complete

Search Influencers

Essential stats you need to select the right influencer

Easy Campaigns

State your requirements and recieve quotes from influencers

Shared Workspace

Use campaign workspaces to chat and share files

Premium Accounts

Sign on for premium accounts for discounts and lower fees

Additional Services

Extra services such as newsletter promotion, in-site advertisements

Create engaging stories with talented social media influencers and creators. Choose from over 70K influencers with a total global reach of over 750 million.

Create engaging stories with talented social media influencers and creators. Choose from over 70K influencers with a total global reach of over 750 million.


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Copyright 2020. Glambassador. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2020. Glambassador. All rights reserved.