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Social proof is important in influencing our behaviors. It's especially essential when it comes to selling anything. In fact, your business can live or die by it. When everyone looks up at the sky, do you do the same? Social Proof is one of the forces that influences your decisions every day.

How We Do It

Glambassador is a self-serve digital agency. Our primary function is to provide brands the means to easily identify and collaborate with influencers in their niche. A collaboration with an influencer involves exchanging cash + products or products only for promotion. Examples of influencer promotion include:
Blog Articles


Social Media Posts

Video Promo / Reviews

Increase Your Sales

Influencer Marketing Delivers 11X ROI Over All Other Forms of Digital Media. Last year, advertisers saw an amazing ROI of $6.57 per $1 spent on influencer marketing. *Source: Inc*
People that trust social networks to guide purchase decisions 0
Marketers that allocated funds for influencer marketing 0
People that say they rely on influencer recomendations 0

How It Works

Brands have the ability to post campaign briefs in which our influencers apply with proposals to promote your product. An influencer proposal includes (their cost, what networks they’ll post on, etc) Posting a campaign is the quickest way find a Glambassador. All you have to do is enter a description of the product you wish to promote, the type of influencer you desire to work with, and your budget. In an Influencer Marketing Study, Fanatics Media found influencer marketing cost 50% less per click than Facebook advertising! Start your campaign today and discover why 8000+ brands are using Glambassador for their influencer marketing.

Types of Campaigns

A campaign lets influencers know about your brand’s requirements and specific details as to how you would like your business promoted.  We offer four campaign types which differ in the ways your influencer is compensated.

Shoutout Campaigns (You Offer Cash)

  • No listing fee
  • $20 minimum budget ($20 for influencer to promote or review your product)
  • Influencer fee is paid after work is completed (funds held in escrow)
  • You Provide the Content to be Posted
  • Quickest Turnaround
  • Hire as many influencers as needed
  • 100% refundable fee if work is incomplete

Cash Campaigns ( You Offer Product + Cash)

  • No Listing Fee
  • $50 minimum budget (paid after selecting influencer)
  • Influencer fee is paid after work is completed (funds held in escrow)
  • Attracts the most proposals
  • Attracts influencers with a higher reach
  • Hire unlimited influencers
  • 100% refundable fee if work is incomplete.

Product Exchange (You Offer Product for Promotion)

  • $37.99 Listing Fee
  • No Influencer fee
  • Great for micro influencer campaigns
  • Hire unlimited influencers
  • 100% refundable fee if no influencer is chosen.

Affiliate Campaigns (You Offer Coupons / Commission / Product(optional))

  • $37.99 listing fee
  • No Influencer fee
  • Select unlimited influencers
  • 100% refundable fee if no influencer selected

VIP Managed Campaign (You Exchange Cash / Product(optional))

  • $199.99 Setup Fee
  • We mangage the campaign for you
  • We negotiate best price
  • We plan campaign logistics best suited for your brand
  • Setup your website for tracking/remarketing
  • Suggest up to 20 most relevant Influencers
  • 100% refundable fee if no influencer selected
  • Contact Us for VIP Option

Easy Campaigns

Post campaigns, let influencers know what you'd like promoted, required followers, and budget.

Search Influencers

We provide all the essential stats you need to select the right influencer for your campaign

Shared Workspace

Select the best proposal and use Glambassador platform to chat and share files

Product Exchanges

Product exchange campaigns allow you to trade product only for influencer reviews/promotion

Secure Payments

Transfer funds to our secure escrow and pay only for completed and satisfactory work.

Additional Services

We provide additional promotional services such as newsletter promotion, in-site advertisements and 24/7 Support

Discover, Negotiate, and Compensate Your Influencer In One Place!