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We connect brands with trusted influencers. Welcome the future of influencer marketing.

Create engaging stories with talented social media influencers. Choose from 12K influencers with a global reach of over 120 million.

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How Does Glambassador work?

One of the main functions of Glambassador is to connect brands with influencers. We accomplish this by providing brands tools to find influencers that match their niche. Glambassasdor operates similarly to a job bank platform where the brands are the employers and influencers are candidates. Brands will have the ability to post campaigns(jobs) and our influencers will bid with proposals and budget for that specific campaign. Posting a campaign is the quickest way to find a Glambassador. Sign up to get started. Post your first campaign free.

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Product Exchange

Exchange products for reviews?

Glambassador has officially launched product exchange campaigns for brands that wish to exchange products for promotions/reviews.

About Product Exchange Campaigns

  • $15 to post a campaign (you exchange products + $10 for influencer fee to promote or review your product. note: $15 post fee does not cover the $10 influencer fee)
  • Only pay influencer fee after you’ve selected (You do not pay the $10 influencer fee until you have selected your winning proposal)
  • Posted as Featured (Each product exchange campaign will be posted to the website as featured for 30 days)
  • Refundable (The influencer fee is completely refundable if you cancel the campaign)

Search & Invite

Another way of working with our platform is to use the influencer search. From there you’ll be able to filter out the results according to your specific needs. Specify criteria such as location, social media followers and fan engagement. The search results will reflect the Glambassadors most suitable then you can invite the them to join your campaign.