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As a small business, making a name for yourself is one of the key factors for creating a successful brand. Advertising in the form of online advertising, radio publicity, search engine optimization, and other traditional methods is a helpful way to achieve such success. Acquiring the services of a local influencer to promote your brand is proving to be the most successful method for small business branding.

Local influencer marketing may seem as if it is just a technique to attract the younger crowd to try out check out your business on social media platforms but this is just one aspect of influencer marketing. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in or how specialized your niche market is, contacting a local influencer to broaden your target market is the way to go.


The success of this marketing technique is evidence of its value for other small businesses, no matter which audience they attract. Connecting with these influencers is vital for small businesses and they are not difficult to contact.

Explaining Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing simply means that local people have built up a following in their niche and have become influential in the process of promoting their interests. Due to their influence, small businesses can approach these influencers to market their own products since they have an engaged audience. When this audience demonstrates an interest in the industry, your target market is already established.

Even though social media influencer marketing is a new advertising technique, it has proven to be an extremely valuable one. Should you choose to approach a local influencer to partner with your business to enhance your brand, you will enjoy several benefits such as:

  • Linking a guest blog post written for their site and linking this back to your own;
  • Interview the influencer and write a blog about this to post on your own site;
  • Request the influencer to review your services or a product in their blog or in a video;
  • Ask the influencer to include your products in one of their tutorials.


Obviously, these requests can only be made once the small business owner has contacted the influencer. Although this may prove to be tedious to do manually, it is a breeze using the Glambassador influencer directory.

Step 1: Influencer Identification

The first step is always to determine your objectives. Decide whether more visits to your website and more calls/emails are the most important for your business or whether your aim is to improve your brand reputation. After you have clarified your goals, the next part of this step is to identify up to 20 influencers in your local environment who can support the achievement of your goals.

The aim is to identify influencers who will be prepared to work with you and to promote your product offerings in a partnership rather than simply identifying people who have achieved a level of fame.

Step 2: Budget Development

Nobody works for completely for free and the same applies to influencers. The compensating the influencer services may vary from exchanging products, commission to a guest blog fee of $100 to a tutorial video for up to $2000.

In writing an article like this, it is impossible to determine what your small business should budget for in terms of using the services of a local influencer. Local influencer fees also differ between locations but using their services as part of your campaign budget will be a wise choice in accessing their established audiences for the benefit of small business branding.

Step 3: Relationship Building

Influencers can receive an overwhelming volume of requests for the use of their services. Rather than trying to send cold emails to influencers, we advise that you use the Glambassador campaign option and have influencers come to you. This will save you a ton of time and money in the long run.

The purpose of campaigns is to identify relevant influences in your niche who already show interest in promoting your business. Depending on your business type, consider offering the influencer some free products, commission or services in exchange for their promotion.

Step 4: Collaborative Content Planning

After selecting your influencer, you can begin collaborative planning around the type of content required for your small business. The idea here is to showcase your brand effectively rather than turning your collaborative work into a sales pitch.

Influencers have worked hard to develop their audiences and have gained their trust in the process so expect to be offered reliable products that add value to their lives instead of just having products pitched that they have no interest in.


We have seen many brands established relationships with local influencers who help to develop videos to demonstrate products/services. These videos are then posted on the brand site as well and the local influencers are requested to post these videos on their sites for their followers to view. This technique affords benefits for the business owners involved and followers trust the source of the information provided. When the influencers are seen to trust your services, their audience is likely to follow suit.

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Create engaging stories with talented social media influencers and creators. Choose from over 70K influencers with a total global reach of over 750 million.

Create engaging stories with talented social media influencers and creators. Choose from over 70K influencers with a total global reach of over 750 million.


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