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Glambassador is the place to find great influencers to promote to your products/services. We make the collaboration process quick and easy so you can focus on running your business. Follow the steps to get started.

A. Complete your public profile. On Glambassador, you run your own influencer business and choose your own clients and campaigns. Just complete your profile to get up and running with your first campaign

B. Start a campaign. On Glambassador you’ll find a range of top influencers, from Popular YouTubers to Stylish Instagrammers,  Tech Bloggers,  Luxury Feeds, and more…Start a campaign


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Start by posting a campaign. Tell us about your project and the specific details as to how you would like your business to be promoted. Influencers can view your post and submit proposals. A proposal includes an influencers introduction, their cost to promote, and how long it will take them to complete your campaign

There are 4 ways in which you can compensate an influencer.

1. Affiliate Campaign. You offer commission + product(optional) for promotion.
2. Cash Campaign. You offer cash + product for promotion.
3. Product Exchange Campaign. You offer product + $10 for promotion
4. Shoutout Campaign. You offer cash for shoutout (you provide content)

Few things to keep in mind. Your campaign is live for 30 days and you can hire as many influencers as you require. Only Product Exchange campaigns have a hard limit for minimum required followers. If an influencer doesn’t meet the minimum follower requirement on cash campaigns they can bid a percentage of your budget based on the followers they are short.


hire the best influencer

With Glambassador, you have the freedom and flexibility to control when, where, and how you work.

Browse profiles. View Glambassador profiles to see client ratings, portfolios,  social media statistics, and more.

Review proposals. Evaluate bids, taking into account each influencer’s qualifications, process, timeline, and overall cost.

Send Message. Ask specific questions, negotiate cost, and determine who’s the best fit.

Accept your influencers bid. Before work can begin on a campaign with your desired influencer you must accept their bid by pressing the blue “accept” button next to their bid. This will prompt you to submit the agreed funds to our escrow which is held until you mark the campaign as completed or cancel the campaign. If you negotiate a different amount, instruct your influencer to cancel their bid and rebid to your campaign.


pay your influencer

Each campaign includes an online workspace shared by you and your brand influencer. All campaigns include Glambassador Payment Protection — helping ensure that you get only pay for work successfully completed through the website.

All payments happen through Glambassador. All payments must be completed through Glambassador. To ensure your funds have been deposited, never begin work on a campaign until your bid has been accepted and you receive an email notification. Note: processing payments outside of Glambassador system results in account termination.

Finish Campaign. Once you are satisfied with the work completed by your influencer. You can finalize the campaign by clicking the blue “finish” button within the campaign workspace. This will prompt you to leave a review and forwards your payment to the influencer.

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