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Times have really changed. No longer are the big brands in complete control as they once were. Consumers have evolved, competition has become stiffer and the rise of the micro-influencer is replacing celebrities in the promotion of brands. The reason for this is quite simple. Micro-influencers are more relatable to their peers. The typical consumer is no longer in complete and utter awe of the legendary superstar.

Cinderella and the star-studded savior on a white horse syndrome are fast being replaced with a need for authentic, genuine, human communication. Messages by celebrities have become more synonymous with outer space than dealing with real-life needs, products, and services. Baby boomers have done their work, have little interest in consumerism and the New Millennials want a sincere, exciting experiential journey to add value to their lives.



Enter the New Micro Influencers

The hometown girl from next door who has fabulous ideas, which her peers just happen to love. She starts blogging. Attracts a small following, which grows and grows because that is simply where her passion lies. Fun! Almost everyone I know dreamt of turning their hobbies into work while growing up so that work wouldn’t be so dull, dreary and filled with responsibilities and stresses. Few ever realized that dream.

But. Along comes the hometown girl and she does just that – turns her passion for all that is trendy into a micro-influencer job and she is set for life. A touch of glam, loads of attention and she has transformed herself into a micro-influencer. Who would have thought it possible? But it is possible and it is a reality. The hometown girls across the world are taking over as micro-influencers. Their passion for all that is trendy is genetically inbuilt. Their desire to experience joy in a world of confusion makes sense to them.

Staying in the Loop

Guiding friends and family to choose novel products entering the market or reviving an interest in old ones is what she’s about. The hometown girl wants a taste of a different life, one that gets her blood pumping stimulates her senses and imbues her thoughts with an innovative change. The new world is their domain and the hometown girls are harnessing all the rich possibilities inherent in this environment to her advantage.



Hometown girls (or boys) are the new brand celebrities.

Self-made, relatable, lighthearted and fun. If your brand or business is looking for a new face that consumers will fall in love with, this is the latest marketing and advertising trend to grab hold of before that micro-influencer soars like an eagle to fame. They say that first movers achieve the greatest advantages. It isn’t too late for your brand to get in on the fun, success and profits to be had by identifying that ‘next best thing’ in the form of the hometown girl micro-influencers.

The girl-next-door (or boy) who sleeps for hours, eats loads of food (or too little because they’re on diet) or parties endlessly over weekends may just be that next celebrity micro-influencer. Alternatively, they could be from a farm in the rural area, a small sleepy hollow in the middle of nowhere. Wherever they are from, they are making waves. These are flowing innovative, entrepreneurial waves of a new mindset guaranteed to blow you away. They may not look very special but those hometown minds are working overtime to get in on novel ways to transform the business landscape.


Capture their attention

Stimulate their sense of adventure and intrigue and you may just nab a hometown girl to brand your product or business. Organic lipstick anyone? Natural meals for a healthier lifestyle? Need to promote your sustainably produced product and want to brag about how you are protecting the environment? They are saving the planet, one hometown girl at a time and they’re doing it on their terms.

At first glance, they may not look that impressive. This is your mistake for underestimating their drive and their capabilities. Look closer because they don’t necessarily go out of their way to impress. You need to approach them. A word of caution though – approach these micro-influencers with a substantial, creative plan that appeals to their need for an experiential ride if you want to hold their attention.

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Create engaging stories with talented social media influencers and creators. Choose from over 70K influencers with a total global reach of over 750 million.

Create engaging stories with talented social media influencers and creators. Choose from over 70K influencers with a total global reach of over 750 million.


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