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Glambassador / Brand Tips  / Why Gabriel Shaoolian Thinks Instagram Is The Platform For E-Commerce

Why Gabriel Shaoolian Thinks Instagram Is The Platform For E-Commerce

Recently, Gabriel Shaoolian who founded and runs Blue Fountain Media, a digital marketing agency, was my guest on Mind Your Business, which airs Thursdays at 1 ET on Sirius XM 111 and is available here as a podcast

Gabe specializes in helping brands build their presence online, and as soon as we started talking, the phones started ringing. One call came from the owner of an apparel company trying to build sales online and eager to hear Gabe’s advice on a variety of options: Search-engine optimization? “SEO is a long-term play” said Gabe. “It’s not something you do now and see results right away.” Pay-per-click? “Clicks have been getting more expensive,” said Gabe. “Your immediate conversions will not be that high.” In the end, he suggested that the caller try Instagram.

Another caller asked about introducing a new product, and Gabe stressed the importance of creating a short video. Yet another asked when it makes sense to create paid marketing campaigns on social media. When Gabe reviewed one caller’s website, he stressed the importance of displaying a price and displaying it in the right place.

You can listen to the whole conversations here. On Mind Your Business, we don’t tell anyone how to run their business; we kick around ideas and strategies and consider options. My next guest will be Jay Goltz, who appears on the show regularly and has been running successful businesses in Chicago for decades. Jay has also made lots of mistakes and is always willing to talk about them.

Source: Mind Your Business: Why Gabriel Shaoolian Thinks Instagram Is The Platform For E-Commerce

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