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Minimum Reach Important Changes

Hello Glambassadors, we’ve got some great news! We wanted to extend the full experience of our platform to all of our Glambassadors (micro and macro) so we’ve decided to make a few changes to the bidding rules regarding minimum reach. Here are the changes.

  1. Hard limits on minimum reach have been removed from cash and shoutout campaigns.
  2. Influencers with less than 2000 in total reach have a maximum bid of $20
  3. Influencers that fall short of a campaign’s desired reach can now bid a percentage of the campaign’s budget.

For example, if you have 5,000 followers and the campaign states 10,000 followers minimum reach, you are short 50%. Therefore, you can bid a maximum of 50% of the campaign budget. In the case of the campaign budget being $100 – your maximum bid would be $50.

We also want to remind our members that any work regarding active campaign on the platform should not be started on until your bid has been accepted. This ensures that your funds have been deposited. All payments regarding an active campaign should also on be made on the platform. If your brand is ready to work please advise them to accept your bid first. Unfortunately, we had to remove a few accounts that were in violation of the TOS. With that being said. happy bidding and good luck!

-Glambassador Team

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